Roobet is the first Virtual Sportsbook with 100% real wagers, no 50% development requirement on deposits before you can withdraw and instant withdrawals! They allow you to wager on Roobet’s Big Board of world-class sports; such as Basketball, Golf, Baseball, NFL football and NCAA March Madness.

Roobet is optimized for fair play, with a max line of 2.5, no deposit fee and free withdrawal. When you open an account, you are automatically eligible for a 100% deposit bonus and lowered maximum cashout requirements!

What if you could play at Roobet without worrying about your own money? Bet on the games with Roobet, a crypto sports betting platform that offers provably fair odds for esports, fantasy sports, and more. With the integrated crypto wallet and unique dual market penetration (sports and crypto), you won’t be tempted to bet anywhere else.

Roobet provides highly rewarding gaming & a real money sportsbook that makes playing easy and profitable.

Join millions of real live sports betters weekly and compete online, on mobile and locally. Set your own limits or odds and get in on the action. Roobet is leading the way in bringing the world’s gamblers together to indulge in the excitement of sports betting!

Play bets matches or VAR outcomes of a high number of sporting events across a range of sports, globally. Shape your own scores, bet and share predictions with friends and contest key events during a match, even allowing a total score and maximum score.

Bet on the breaking news and get ready to win big with the fast-moving live betting service for your favourite sports giant, Roobet. Build your own portfolio of bets and maximize your winnings. Bet with confidence on your favourite team, or on a combination of games. Get the luxury of playing electronic dice to determine the winning outcome before you even commit to a wager! Find all the information you need in our leagues, matches and events (all available at bet men odds).

If the gambling experience you seek is challenging and simple, then Roobet’s live betting platform is for you!

Roobet’s betting system is really easy to use and offers bettors a low-embellishment choice so they can quickly get trustworthy, action-packed advice. Plus, this sportsbook has a variety of different betting options available with stats from football, motor racing and rugby.

Roobet has stripped out all the complicated features of its competitors and pricing, in favour of an elegant product. Pared-back features, graphic simplicity, and lightweight design provide maximum ease of use and functionality. Abstaining on information overload saves the customer copious amounts of time which they can dedicate to wagered action.

Roobet, from, is a new high-tech, a fully functional virtual betting platform with a whopping 30 unique markets! Want to watch your matches abroad or on the go? Here’s that hassle-free option for users who need reliable, automatic real-time sports odds and price swings: Roobet!

Roobet is an online sports betting platform that uses blockchain technology. The site enables users to bet with cryptocurrency on sports because they don’t hold user deposits in their hands. Roobet offers the highest possible paying odds, various deposit options and partner bonuses.

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